Bonding and Composite Resins

Available in a wide array of shades, the tooth-colored fillings will blend in to give you a healthy-looking natural smile. If you suffer from minor decay, chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, discoloration, or crooked teeth, bonding of composite resins may be the ideal treatment.

Dental bonding procedures can usually be completed in one or two office visits. For minor restorations, the resin can be matched to your teeth while you are in the office. A mild etching solution is first applied to the area of the natural tooth enamel which roughens the surface allowing for a stronger bond between the tooth and resin. Dr. Lewandowski will place a tooth colored composite resin into the prepped tooth and will cure (harden) with a polymerization light. The final steps would be to check your bite and make any necessary adjustments and polish the filling smooth.

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