Our Technology

Air Allergy Machine – Air Purification

In our waiting room, checkout area, and sterilization area, we have added Air Allergy Machines that filter the air of allergens and particles as small as 0.1 microns (the average COVID-19 virus particle size is 0.12 microns) at 95% efficiency. This machine utilizes HEGA carbon cloth and HEPA filters to clean the air, with research demonstrating the HEGA filter is […]

Computerized Charting and Monitoring

We use the most up-to-date practice software to allow us to chart every individual tooth in your mouth, keep track of your progress, track your recall, and submit any treatment you receive to your insurance electronically.

High-strength Zirconia

Ceramic crowns are made of porcelain. We use this material to create tooth-colored crowns that will mimic the tooth, shape and function of your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns restore anterior and posterior (front and back) teeth as well as used for a bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic dental cleaning allows for more comfortable deeper cleaning below the gums. Removal of stain, plaque, and tartar is quicker with less discomfort. During your cleaning, the hygienist uses an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler, or Cavitron. The Cavitron distributes ultrasonic vibrations to literally blast dental tartar or dental calculus off of your teeth. As the ultrasonic scaler […]

Led Curing Light Technology

These curing lights are designed to emit light in a narrow visible-light spectrum, minimizing excess light and heat. The lights are used to polymerize/harden tooth-colored fillings in as little as 10 seconds. They are rechargeable, energy-efficient, quieter, and faster than traditional halogen-bulb curing lights.

Intraoral Digital Cameras

If you want to see it, we can show you! Every one of our operatories is equipped with intraoral digital photography systems, designed to take sharp images of anything and everything in your mouth. We use this technology to show you teeth, gums, lesions, etc. in your mouth and can use it to visually track oral findings over time. We […]

Digital Scanner

An intraoral digital scanner, allows us to digitally scan your teeth with no gooey impression material, no mess, and no “gaggy yucky taste!” Digital impressions are more comfortable for the patients, faster for the dental team, and are able to produce highly accurate images that contribute to restorations and appliances that seat easily and quickly. The dental team and labs […]

Midmark Elevance HELIOS 3000 Led Light

Our overhead intraoral operative lights feature LED technology and reflected light to form a crisp, focused pattern of light. This means minimizing the light in your eyes and maximizing the light in your mouth so we can work better and faster! Other features include virtually no heat generated, energy savings with the LED technology, and dual “temperature” settings to help […]

Midmark Elevance 3300 Massage Chairs

This operatory chair features ultra-leather upholstery, ergonomic design, a fully adjustable headrest, and cervical and lumbar heated back massage, that can be turned on or off for our patient’s comfort. This chair has been designed to allow better access for the clinician, while providing optimum comfort for patients, even for long appointments.

Carestream Digital X-ray systems

We take high-quality images using digital x-ray technology for real-time viewing of your teeth. Digital X-Rays are known to use up to 70% less radiation than traditional X-Rays.

Logicon – “Caries Detector”

Computer-aided radiographic caries diagnosis software is a unique and clinically proven tool that helps Dr. Lewandowski detect carries at an early state. Studies show that Logicon more than doubles dentists’ capability to find early caries over the traditional visual diagnostic methods like x-rays.

Waste Management Program

For our medical waste disposal and management, DRNA (Dental Recycling of North America) provides our office regular service of medical waste, sharps, and amalgam waste, including continuous separation of amalgam contaminants from outgoing wastewater.